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co-founder and CEO of the international media company VICE. He gained widespread notoriety in 2006 after his online TV series VICE Guide to Travel. The New York Times has described Smith as "a cross between a punk rocker and Fortune 500 Executive"

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because we are journalists not programmers. We suck I am sorry.

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they all live in Texas because its safer.

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well well well I just noticed all of this happened after I signed off. SO here is my answer "Why would it?" because a) 5% of ownership buys you say in... nothing. Biz matters, editorial, anything. This should be self-evident but apparently it isn't. B) he is running the largest media company in the world if you think that he has any time for VICE even if he wanted to you have no idea how things work in the real world. c) I vote 95% of the board why? so as to keep control of all matters editorial and commercial. We did this deal to stay independent it is unheard of to do non-majority deals why? Because they do not have a say in any of the management of the company. and D) Vice is successful because of what we do and say to change that would hurt the business, no one would want to change that. We change the content of the company on one criteria - that we like it - period

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North Korea because I can't and Dafur for the same reason.

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yes. big time. They want to talk to Mitt and advise him on the situation down there.

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recently I was in Afghanistan and shot with senior Taliban war lords. They had both been imprisoned for kidnapping and killing westerners. They did not like me or my questions at all. It got pretty hairy and if I didn't have my Tajik body guards with me I don't think I would be typing this now. This piece on child suicide bombers is going to fuck people up.

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I have a story coming out about Deepwater Horizon that is very heavy indeed.

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people steal our shit all day long. We are small but we have the best stories.

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Liberia, NOrth Korea, Siberia, Mexico, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan have all had their own holy shit moments. But Getting jailed by the secret police in Yemen was bad. Very bad.

we are going to be shooting with DPRK refugees in a new seg that will blow your fucking mind (if I do say so myself)

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