Seth MacFarlane

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is an American actor, animator, writer, producer, director, and singer. He is the creator of the TV show Family Guy and co-creator of the shows American Dad! and The Cleveland Show.

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Well, it's generally because they have the good judgment to stay away from things that we don't.

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I think there's a natural curiosity about the universe that we're all born with, and which has been starved in recent years by a media that was once more interested in feeding it. There hasn't been any real science on network TV in a long time.

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Write and direct "Titanic".

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I'd like to see intelligent life discovered here in Los Angeles. (slowly takes a sip of beverage while never breaking eye contact with you)

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Often I'll record one voice first, leaving pauses for the other character's lines. I'll then play back the first character in my headphones while voicing the second character, so it feels like I'm playing opposite another actor.

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One deals with the nature of humanity's place in the universe, and the other stars Neil deGrasse Tyson.

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No. My bread-and-butter is still yuks. But Cosmos is a passion project that was too exciting to pass up.

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Gilbert Gottfried.

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As i write this, I'm cleaning up cat puke.

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The tardigrades. You can throw any kinda shit at 'em, and they'll survive.