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Rumors have been saying $429. I certainly can't be the $599 launch price of the PS3, which was disastrous. The Wii U was in the $300 range. The $400-$499 zone seems like the best bet.

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no way. NY Pizza is Rocky. It comes back and wins (in the sequel).

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It definitely looks like the PS4 is gunning to be like a PC, and the specs really are basically a PC. Blizzard coming aboard cements that feeling. But the PS4 being a PC plays right into the hands of PC gaming, Microsoft, and even Apple--I think if they all feel like advanced PC gaming in the home, Sony loses. Microsoft's much more savvy about PC-style gaming comparatively speaking. Also, with stuff like the Steambox and Razer Edge taking PC gaming in console-style directions, it's going to get interesting.

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The PS4 is a Vaio (awkward E3 2013 reveal)

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  1. I use a horrible office chair, but a fellow editor has a standing desk.
  2. I have 20/800 vision and stare a million screens all day. I try to outside and see real things that aren't made of pixels, but end up staring at my iPhone instead.

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For some reason, going to the library always works for me. Or an old bookstore.

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Well, look an indie games, all the exciting stuff: that's generally on the web, Steam, or on apps in places like iOS/Android. Consoles are slow to push out non-studio games, and that's where some of the best stuff is happening. Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo need to make the floodgates open up without letting in tons of crap. Also, like movie studios, big game franchises repeat themselves for fear of losing money. And my zombie plan is to become a zombie.

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I think a PC plus VR is a lot to spend. If you're already a PC gamer, (or need a PC), it might make more sense. Just keep in mind the landscape will change fast. Good news: Vive and Rift will probably end up with a lot of shared games.

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I don't know, but I hate it. Not just because of the disc PS3 games, but what about all those downloaded titles? The way Nintendo handled Wii downloads on the Wii U is really annoying, but at least they'll play after a transfer. Sounds like Sony wants it all in the cloud in some sort of digital virtual console. We'll see.

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VR is so new, I think there's a lot still to come. Things that excite me:

-getting headsets to be truly wireless

-eye-tracking, because it will allow foveal rendering -- optimizing rendering of graphics to just what you're looking directly at -- to reduce processing, and allow VR to run on more systems, possibly. Eye tracking could also allow people to focus on objects and navigate VR hands-free.

-Hand-tracking on a large scale. Leap Motion and other technologies already accomplish this, but we haven't seen any major VR platform use hand controls to replace controllers. It could happen.

-3D position-tracking cameras. Google's Project Tango is a great example of how cameras in the headset could start scanning the space around people to allow mobile VR to do room-scale motion without needing sensor bars. It means you could wander in VR on a portable set.

-And I think, really, lower prices, better apps, comfortable designs. The rigs we see now feel more like enthusiast gear, not very mainstream-friendly. Weird lenses, cables, eye adjustments. Everything needs to feel more seamless, and connected to the computing we already do.