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is an Australian politician and Greens member of the Australian Senate since July 2008, representing the state of Western Australia.

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i wanted to see how mad it would make people. was hoping for a backlash and was not disappointed.

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it is a bit boggling. when this place works, it works well, and it's vastly better than many of the alternatives on offer. but brandis is in a bit of a separate category even to his colleagues, because he believes himself to be so vastly more intelligent and learned than the mere humans he finds himself surrounded with. we should just make him watch his metadata interview again.

and again.

i certainly have, and it cheers me up every time.

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The duck. Whether it's the Reef Authority or the AEC Palmer doesn't seem to like the call of the umpire. Can you imagine having to wait for the outcome of 100 appeals after defeating 100 Palmers?

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kinda great that this was the post that got voted right to the top :)

it doesn't feel like we've seen the killer app yet. i'm not sure there will be a single one, but here's some ideas. we've already found that digital tools are helping us do seriously old-school things like large-scale doorknocking and phonebanking. the stuff that seems to be working best is around enabling conversations - peer-to-peer politics rather than broadcast. i'm intrigued by what happens when we really start seeing town-hall style stuff adapted online - as yet, my AMA catchment is too small to be heard over the noise, but maybe it's not so far away that we start seeing genuine distributed democracy making an impact on mainstream debates.

ps. thanks for the copy of 1984 - such a sweet idea. i have put it on my bookshelf next to my other copy and am waiting for the right person to give it to ;)

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It's true, We are experts in it.

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i will accept this generous mod request if you can guarantee that it's a bigger circlejerk than what routinely happens in the senate when the the libs and alp line up together to vandalise the country....

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what a profoundly good set of questions.

i honestly feel like it's going to be insulting if i try and answer this on the fly. can you give me a little while to work on this one?

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lovely. thanks.