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Ok, for anyone who wasn't heard my long brain saga, here's a tidbit:

It was horrible at first and took me months to get back to the point where I could work normally again but I was taking so much medication. I also had my license revoked until they could be sure I wouldn't have another seizure and kill someone behind the wheel. I got really good at walking over the next year. Overall it was a pretty scary time.

The good news is that almost 3 years and 100 MRIs later, I'm completely fine and medication-free. I still have a calcified lump in my brain which is how you'll always know it's really me once clones start trying to take over the earth.

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I was probably drunk too, maybe I thought I yelled it?

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I'll be honest, it surprised me. I was out of town and got a text from Pereira wanting my opinion on where Leo was coming from. So I read the thread and don't really have an answer. Clearly this is uncomfortable for me because I understand why Leo hates G4, but I don't agree with blackballing specific people (good, smart people) because of what went down on an executive level 8 years ago. If Adam Sessler is tainted from working at G4, then so am I.

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Are you really really really sure you want to see Tom Merritt dance? Think carefully.

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Colin lives in a Philadelphia-themed igloo in place of a cubicle in the TWiT basement. He just sits in there all day watching Philadelphia-based programming via his Slingbox app. I once tried to bond with him over the subject of cheesesteaks, but it didn't go over well. I have not spoken to him since.

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If you were a lawyer I'd say you were leading the witness.

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Probably David Lynch because he's my favorite director. Though LeVar Burton once told me I was adorable and it made my day. I also interviewed Johnny Depp for the first Pirates movie and freaked out on the inside for ten glorious minutes.

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Martin and I would love to do TWiF. We know it's not a great fit for the TWiT network anyone and we've talked about just bringing it back ourselves in our spare time. But yeah, we're both busy. It's definitely not just Martin's fault that it's not happening. We get gung ho and then we both get busy and postpone everything. I'm glad it's something people would still be interested in!

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I can't think of anyone who was officially banned, but Mickey Rourke once said something very inappropriate to Jessica Corbin and she walked out of the interview.

UPDATE: oh wait! You asked about TWiT, I was thinking TechTV. Yes, as far as I know Jason Calacanis is the only person unwelcome on TWiT. That all went down before I was working here so I stay out of it.

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  1. Kevin and I are friends
  2. Galaxy S III
  3. I love Radiolab & Wait Wait Don't Tell Me. I get my fill of tech the rest of the day being myself
  4. The folks from TechTV that I don't see are usually at least my Facebook friends now and I see all their weddings and babies and vacations.