Ryan Tuerck

Ryan tuerck in 2010
is an American professional drifting driver from Derry, New Hampshire who currently competes in the U.S. Formula Drift series in his 2013 Scion FR-S for Retaks and maxxis Tires.

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I got into drifting on accident. I had a mustang and was screwing around practicing car control. I found out what I was doing was drifting from downloading videos on Kazaa. This was back in 2002.

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The best part about the judging this year is that they can now tell you how and why they made the call.

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You can't get sponsors without having a car. Your first step is build a car on your own dime (Most grassroots drifters have already done this) You appeal to sponsors by going to competitions and doing well. Make a name for yourself on and off the track. Look at what all the pros do and try to mimic them IE, Driving skills, representation, and social media.

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There are too many to list. Prob start out with a Porsche 964, Then go to an 88 BMW M5. Then to some newer stuff like an e92 M3.

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Hey man. We are hoping so. We got a set of bigger splined axles from driveshaft shop so we are hoping they are up to the task. We won't know till we hit the track at Evergreen.

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My favorite event in the game of drift was probably the watermelon smashing. It was fun and extremely challenging trying to hit all of those on the first try.

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I'd love to make it out there for an event but all my cars are on the East coast. Makes it difficult and very expensive to transport cars around the country. It would be cheaper if you just came to a Clubloose event in NJ where me and all the other Drift Alliance guys get to play.

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HAHA. Thanks for the question Raphael. That is a tough one to answer. I think I would make up my own competition. It would be a fun relay race filled with tasks of explodsions and destroying things. I think I just came up with another Tuerck'd Episode.

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We are going back to texas. Check the damn FD website.