Rush D. Holt, Jr

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is the U.S. Representative for New Jersey's 12th congressional district, serving since 1999. He is a member of the Democratic Party and son of U.S. Sen. Rush D. Holt, Sr. He is a former professor of public policy and physics.

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Although this abrupt cancellation of funding would have been a fairly drastic step the public is outraged about the revelations of the scale of government warrantless spying on Americans and Members of Congress are fed up with the cover up and deception from the intelligence community. Nevertheless, I was somewhat surprised by the closeness of the vote. I think this means we are going to be able to get the kind of debate that we could not get earlier when the PATRIOT Act was reauthorized and the FISA Amendments Act was passed. Perhaps you know that I have introduced legislation to repeal both of those. There's a brief statement on this at my website

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  1. I currently serve in the House of Representatives with an emphasis on Representative. Members of Congress, by and large smart, dedicated, and altruistic, have the same shortcomings and misunderstandings about science as the general population. For decades in the U.S. we have taught science in the schools as an area of study for future scientists, not for the general population. We should correct that so all Americans learn to "think like a scientist" even if they don't want to pursue that professionally.

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I have introduced legislation to repeal the PATRIOT Act and the FISA Amendments Act. The wholesale vacuum cleaner collection of data on all Americans and sifting through it again and again until the intelligence analysts find incriminating or troubling associations not only promotes the idea of guilt by association but upsets one of the founding principles of this country: that all Americans are equal under the law and that they are presumed to be above suspicion unless there is probable cause to suspect them of wrongdoing. The NSA warrantless surveillance of Americans means that the government is treating Americans as suspects first and citizens second. You can sign the petiton to support my legislation here:

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I am perhaps the greatest supporter for investment in research. A few years ago in the economic stimulus bill I inserted $22 billion of new funding for the nation's science research agencies including NASA. NASA research is important not just for understanding the solar system and the universe beyond but also for giving us a better understanding of our Earth, ourselves, and physical processes on the Earth.

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For decades my favorite dinosaur was the brontosaurus only to be told by paleontologists that there was no such thing. Now I know how all the Pluto fans felt.

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The Keystone pipeline would transport some of the worlds dirtiest oil containing some of the lowest net energy through the United States for export to the world. The United States would bear the risk of pipeline leaks (which invariably occur). Except for the few thousand temporary jobs which would disappear after a couple of years only a few dozen permanent jobs would remain. It's hard to see any benefit for us. I oppose its construction. You can read more of my thoughts here:

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As I said earlier, my background and experience as a teacher, scientist and progressive sets me apart from all three other candidates. In Congress not only have I compiled one of the most progressive voting records -- on the environment, education, worker protections, civil rights, civil liberties, fiscal and economic matters -- I am the person in this campaign who is proposing, vocally and prominently, bold progressive ideas. See the following link for what I mean:

And by the way, I have (according to the League of Conservation Voters) THE BEST lifetime environmental record of any Member of Congress. I'm also recognized with the highest rating by the American Association of University Women, Pro-Choice America, the NAACP, Humane Society, NEA, and many others.

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  1. As my ballot slogan says, I'm a teacher, scientist, and progressive. In each of those categories I am set apart from the other candidates. Those words summarize my background, my experience, my approach to problems and my vision for New Jersey and the country. I have built over many decades a well-established record as a progressive. I have a long list of accomplishments in policy and public service. Mine is a record of substance, not just rhetoric. Incidentally, I will be the only scientist in the U.S. Senate.

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I'm running for the U.S. Senate to be New Jersey's Senator to continue the progressive fight of the late Senator Frank Lautenberg. I've been a Member of the House of Representatives for more than 14 years now. I intend to serve in the Senate and nothing more (this is not a stepping stone for me).