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iamRucka135 karma

Who? Are you referring to some guy I know named Justin, the subject of the song "Justin's Beaver" in which all celebrity similarities are coincidental or parodic?

iamRucka87 karma

Yeah about 5!

iamRucka80 karma

None of them will talk to me cause I sound better than them on their own songs.

iamRucka58 karma

That's actually from the Uganda National Anthem.

iamRucka55 karma

The reason is usually "Hate Speech." It's not cool but at least there's 100 more uploads of the same video!

iamRucka50 karma

Not yet! I don't think there's any copyright problem. As far as hate speech, it's not a crime in USA but I heard people in UK go to jail for racist tweets.

iamRucka45 karma

My mama's basement windows are bullet-proof!

iamRucka41 karma

Selling drugs.

iamRucka40 karma

There is no line. That's like asking, "What do you think the line is between fast food and KFC?"

iamRucka37 karma

I heard "Weird Al" Yankovic does. Is he a celebrity?