Ruben Samuel Fleischer

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best known as the director of the critically acclaimed and financially successful Zombieland, his first feature film.

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Let's do it! Glad to hear so many people want to see it. It would be so fun to get to go back to Zombieland and make a sequel!

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I guess you could say there was a give and take. We had some things scripted, but we also were excited to just let him play. The movie is full of improvisation, and many of Bill's lines he came up with on the spot, including the amazing "Garfield" line.

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Thanks so much! I love your shit. Literally.

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It was the real name of the squad at the time. We didn't make it up. It was what they were called.

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We had to make Vegan Twinkies that resembled real twinkies. Movie magic!!!

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Fair question - I definitely supported that scene being reshot. It was the appropriate thing to do out of respect for the families that suffered that great tragedy. Our scene was very eerily similar to what happened in Aurora. And I hear you about replacing violence with violence, but hopefully the new scene will not making anyone uncomfortable watching the movie, which I am sure the old scene would have. The new scene, which takes place in Chinatown is seamless with the rest of the movie, and is actually more suspenseful than the original theater scene. It works really well and is really visual, and I love that it is set in Chinatown because of the obvious associations. I'll be excited to hear what you think of it.

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He's as funny and charming and nice as you would hope. Really a true gentleman and a good guy. Everyone loves Ryan. He's a good dude.

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It's tough to get your first film. It took me eight years of directing music videos, short films, reality TV, and commercials. Luckily I had built up enough of a reel to be considered for a feature, and I think it was the sensibility expressed in my work combined with my take on the script that allowed me to get a shot. It was a big dice roll for Sony, choosing an unexperienced first timer, but I'm lucky for the opportunity and very very grateful.

As for a sequel, the best I can offer, is I would love to see it, but there are no immediate plans to make one.

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It's a national tragedy. I'm so glad that we were able to celebrate the great Twinkie before its time had come.

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Great question.... I think the obvious answer is that it would have been really confusing for the audience if they had the same name, so we decided that they're parents moved around a lot, and that their names are where they were born more than where they lived at the time of the Apocalypse.