Ron Campbell

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is an animator, director, and producer, best known for his work on the 1960s The Beatles television series, as well as the animated feature film Yellow Submarine.

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Never cheat on your wife.

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Jessica Rabbit, but I didn't animate that movie.

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There is no truth for that. People who are high cannot be creative they only think they can be.

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It just looked good

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It was true, but it has since been scrapped.

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I love you too

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My very first animation assignment. About a hundred drawings of a centipede dying of bug spray.

A hundred drawings of a bug with a hundred legs.

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Shaggy was a drawing, we could draw him any way we wanted.

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  1. They were busy touring the world while I was animating the movie.
  2. You couldn't animate such characters, or paint such characters and the process is much more difficult in my opinion. The younger generation is welcome to it.