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is an actor, known for Breaking Bad (2008)

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Best Part? I'm gonna have to say the strip club scene for sure..! That shit was dope! I got paid to get grinded on for about 13 hrs. Hell of a job to have!

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Here is something I meant to add. After the first season both Sherri Rhodes and Gwen savage passed away from natural causes. Very sad! Both were wonderful ladies and without them I probably wouldn't have gotten on the show.

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I was pretty surprised when they told me I was gonna get killed off. I had been told I was done for the season then they called me in to do a wardrobe check for the episode. I was there trying shit on and a couple people made comments about being shot. I had no idea what the deal was because I hadnt even got my script. Then I ran into Bryan Cranston and he told me ”If you got to go, then that's the way to go.” Lol.. I was like ” Uuugh.. Honestly I don't know what's going down.” And that's when he explained what was gonna happen. Lol.. I got a kick.out of that. It was funny as hell! I was kinda hurt that I would be getting killed. But the way Bryan put it made me feel good. It sure made my character noticable. That's for sure!

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I just went to a casting call to be an extra actually. I went with a friend who asked me to go. I was standing in a big ass line. They had a flyer looking for a white male 20 pounds havier than I was at the time and two inches shorter for a talking role. I saw a lady filming people that were kinda sticking around. Her name was Gwen Savage and she owned the casting company Film Savage I was at. I stepped out of line and walked up to her and asked her what she was doing. She told me " wait here I think I can use you". So I did. When she returned she asked me to give her my height, name and weight. She called me that night and asked me to audition the next day.

   The next day I auditioned at the Q Studios with Sherri Rhodes (I'll correct that if I spelled it wrong). She was a wonderful lady who was very helpful in preparing me for me auditon. I auditioned with her then was called back later to read for the Director. I actually did the read with Aaron Paul himself. They wanted to see how we were together (at this point not knowing what the show would become). They told me they wanted to give me the roll. 

 The very next day I was sitting in my own trailor and signed a contract for my first episode. It was episode 4 "Cancer Man" of season 1. I had never filmed a day in my life before that day. I ran through it first take with no problems. That was my start in Film!

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I think I figured it out.. lol..

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The most intense scene was driving the car for my characters flash back scene in season 3. The intense part was driving next to the RV whipping around hitting trash cans.. Lol

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Am I doin this right? Lol..

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Yeah it was a pretty essential role for the show. Very insightful comment. Thx for the compliment too my dude..

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I know.. Little fucker!

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Everybody was pretty cool! I talk with some of the cast through facebook every once and a while also.