Robert Englund

Robert englund does a freddy
is an American actor, voice-actor, singer, and director, best known for playing the fictional serial killer Freddy Krueger, in the Nightmare on Elm Street film series

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Kane Hodder takes his machete out in singles bars at Comic Con looking for some anime love in all the wrong places,

TheRobertEnglund1413 karma

Take a vallium and I'll visit!

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Yeah that would be one bloody manicure. Johnny could get me back for the bed scene in Nightmare 1!

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Yes. Hello Sarah! Take a valium and a nap and Uncle Freddy will come visit!

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I think I had a stress dream on the plane flying back from England. I forgot my dog was in the kennel and that I needed to feed her. Sorry it isn't sexier.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing The Conjuring. Recent horror that I really like are May and Orphane.

  2. (see above)

  3. I was a prisoner of my makeup man's taste in music. I was subjected and schooled in heavy metal, speed metal, and early rap.

  4. As a director, I probably would have made films like Tender Mercies. And as an actor, I can't complain since i just completed my 76th film. I'm amazed that anybody still wants this old dog.

  5. Happy Birthday diceman89! Too bad it's your last!! Ha Ha Ha Ha!! -Freddy

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You greedy mother fucker!

  1. Welcome to primetime bitch

  2. My desert island movie. Bernardo Bertolucci's 1900 starring Robert De Niro.

  3. That's In N Out Burgers!!

  4. I think Jackie's a terrific actor in everything he's done. I've been a fan of Jackie's since Breaking Away.

  5. Fortunately our Dodgers are doing great this season. Puig has really energized the team. I'm also a huge fan of Kelly Slater, the surfer.

  6. I played trumpet for years but it was a time when every combo had three guitars so I hocked it for a surf board.

  7. My new favorite young actor is Emory Cohen from The Place Beyond the Pines and Adelaide Clemens from Rectify and Silent Hill.

  8. I would have loved to have been chosen to play the young sailor in The Last Detail with Jack Nicholson. I thought Randy Quaid was great but when I read the book I always thought he should be smaller. Quaid looks like he could handle himself. I still regret not booking that part.

  9. IMDB

  10. Freddy was the first to go after those anorexic bitches.

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Not as bad it smells! The only thing that smells worse than that sweater is a certain hockey mask. Talk about bad breath!

However, I'm loving all the "Halloween Freddy Chicks" using a slashed Freddy sweater as a mini skirt! Yeah!

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I'm too old now but I regret never having played Iago in Othello.

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I think if I did another one I'd have to get a Viagra prescription and borrow some spanks from Sandra Bullock.