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I know it's time to let it go!

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There are so many of both... I'll have to get back to you on the best, there are quite a few highlights. I've gotten to do some really amazing things, see all kinds of landmarks and go on all kinds of adventures. It's pretty much been a dream come true. But all that traveling is exhausting, so there are plenty of stories of fatigue and injury and stomach flus, or planes that seemed about to crash or cramped buses with no A/C in the middle of European summer... Worst experience? Getting a bottle smashed into my face in Tokyo and getting stitched up in a Japanese emergency room at 5am with no one speaking a word of English - then subsequently looking like a bandaged monster for the next couple weeks - that wasn't one of the highlights, really.

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You're welcome! NIN has one of the most awesomely supportive fan bases out there, and ever since I was a teenager the internet's been a huge part of that. Artists embracing the internet lead to fans embracing the artists, and everyone wins. It's always just seemed like common sense to us!

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We are still working on "The Fragile." It's hit a number of delays, but it's still on our plate. We've gone back and forth with A+R on the prototype for the package, but we still don't have it right yet. It will not be similar at all to PHM - it will be much cooler.

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It's a tough one, but I think I'm more of a Picard guy. It's mostly a generational thing though, I grew up on TNG.

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Some guy was just really wasted and looking for a fight. It was unprovoked! And he ran off immediately. It all happened so fast, I didn't quite realize what had gone down until I put my hand up to my face and saw all the blood...

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Thanks! Based on the overall comments here, I think we're sold on Indaba. I'm going to get into more specifics with the label.

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At the time, when we'd do album packages with Interscope we'd work with a woman named Gretchen Anderson who helped us realize whatever the vision was for the albums. She would create mockups for us, send us paper samples, that type of thing. So with Year Zero we explained to her how we wanted to hide clues in the package, and asked if she'd come across anything unusual in the packaging world that might lend itself to hidden messages. She happen to have just seen a sample of the thermal ink, and thought it would be perfect, so she sent us a sample - and of course, we had to use it.

And thanks for the kind words!

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Okay, since Trent just spilled it in his NY Times interview, I'll add here that Alan Moulder has been working on a 5.1 mix of The Fragile for the deluxe edition, which is of course going to be amazing.

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NIN album: Either TDS or The Fragile, because of what they meant to my life at the time. My favorite NIN songs these days are the ones they hardly ever play live - because I'm not tired of hearing them!

Gadgets: The huge advances in portability from the time I started touring to the last year of touring have just been insane. Tiny portable hard drives, flash drives, smartphones - there's so much tech now that makes it easy to do almost anything while on the road. We would be working on the live visuals for the show on a laptop in the tour bus, then in hotel rooms, then backstage, and it allowed us to continue evolving the show without the huge suite of hardware it would have once taken. So, no device specifically, just the rapid increase in portability in recent years.

LITS: Thanks! That tour was easily one of my proudest moments.