Zeddie Watkins Little

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is a popular meme figure of a smiling guy, when he was running in a marathon in Charleston, South Carolina.

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photogenicguy2785 karma

I have to say, I really enjoy being part of such a good joke. I was noticed by an older woman around 70 or so in the grocery store on Saturday and she was ecstatic, saying, "I saw you on my TV!"

As well, I'm completely honored to be approached by the John Ritter Foundation for Aortic Health to run the NYC marathon. Any way I can promote healthy living and such positivity is really humbling.

photogenicguy2115 karma

Nope. Brooks Running has been in touch, (I was photographed wearing their racing shoes and shorts) and we've been throwing around some ideas.

I haven't been too much in contact with agencies or whatever, but I'm not opposed to doing commercials/modeling/etc. I think it would be a new and fun experience.

I have, however, been contacted by the John Ritter Foundation to run the NYC marathon this year. I'll be running to raise awareness for Aortic Health. I am really glad they contacted me to do it.

photogenicguy2060 karma

I got a call from Redditor friends about 4 hours after the images was initially posted on the internet. They were saying I was number one on Reddit, and gave no explanation, so I assumed whatever it was was really bad, but I was racking my brain as to what it could have been.

When I finally saw the photo I laughed for about an hour. It was just surreal. It's still surreal.

photogenicguy1896 karma

Haha! I'm pretty sure I'm miles away from even being a contender, nor would I ever expect it.

photogenicguy1887 karma

I bartend at a restaurant in NYC and I manage web content and PR material for a pretty rad music venue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Hobbies: I like running, listening to too much music, and am really into the NYC food scene -- I cooked for about 6 years and a little here in the City, and I just can't shake the bug i have for cooking/eating/learning about food and gastronomy.

photogenicguy1882 karma

Hey guys, I just want to say I'm having a ton of fun doing this interview.

Thanks to all of you for making this random picture such a phenomenon. It would most likely have gone entirely unnoticed without the your collective powers here.

I'll start answering more questions, and quicker. Just been getting a feel for this.

Thanks you all so much, again!

photogenicguy1868 karma

Starting this past Friday, the 13th, people have really started noticing me. It's still a new experience - people knowing you from a random picture. It's all been in good fun, which is cool.

I went running throughout the City last night and a couple people yelled at me throughout my run.

photogenicguy1838 karma

Oh man, I kinda saw this one coming, haha. Just shampoo, maybe conditioner, no particular brand or whatever. Its really thin so I just use wax/pomade from Keihl's (product placement?). And once in a while go to a cool barber called Freeman's.

photogenicguy1819 karma

It got to a point where it felt weird looking at a billion pics of mysef, so I might have missed out on any recent ones within the past week or so.

There are a ton of great ones. Off the top of my head, I like the "Record Milk Sales" one, the creepy Wolverine one and definitely the RPG photoshopped into the North By Northwest airplane scene.