Richard Linklater

Richard Stuart Linklater is an American film director and screenwriter. He is known for films such as Slacker, Dazed and Confused, Waking Life, A Scanner Darkly, School of Rock, and Before Sunrise and its sequels.

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Well, the truth is these films don't make that much money. We're the lowest-grossing trilogy of all time (we like to say that). That said, this one has been received so well that BEFORE MIDNIGHT is opening in more theaters this weekend than SUNRISE and SUNSET ever came CLOSE to - it's going to be in almost 900 theaters this weekend!

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Hoping to make it this fall, actually. A college comedy. I feel like mixing it up with a big ensemble.

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You should now confess that your middle name is "Lily."

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Yes. I've just realized I'm in one right now.

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My advice would be to get your ass offline and get to work.

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Well, Ethan hopes to be doing The Purge 7 so he can crank one out every six months.

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The animators planted plenty of 'easter eggs' all over the place. I'm still discovering them.

If I had to watch one scene from that movie at this second it might be the "Holy Moment." Maybe that's because I saw Caveh the other night in NY.

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Yes, pretty much all of it.

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An Austin poet friend of mine named David Jewell, who's also in Waking Life.

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It's definitely ending for the next 6 or 7 years, but we're not ruling out revisiting Jesse and Celine at 50 or so. But if it ends at a trilogy we're OK with that, too.