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is a video game developer and entrepreneur.

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RAINZ!!!! Some day I will get my revenge! When it happened, I was in shock and disbelief. I did not know what to do. I could no longer speak. I could not resurrect myself. I was in my office alone. Fortunately someone in QA could see me and resurrected me. Then the team, decided to kill everyone, as we did not know yet that it was Rainz.

RichardGarriott247 karma

Greetings friends! I really appreciate the opportunity to speak with you all today. The team and I are very excited about the response to us "getting back to our roots" with Shroud of the Avatar". Today I would love to answer question on SotA or Ultima or anything else I might have useful or arcane knowledge of. Again, thanks for coming. Lets get started!

RichardGarriott211 karma

I hope to see him... and get my REVENGE!!! :)

RichardGarriott198 karma

We fully understand the potential horror as well as exhilaration that comes from being in full PVP. We are working hard to properly thread the needle, such that newbies don't get ganked, and yet mature players are encouraged to become exposed to PVP risk, such that the feeling is returned. We know this is a hot button issue, and we are working hard aon what we hope is an elegant answer!

RichardGarriott171 karma

Chunnnn, Blackheart, I do think we have a plan that will channel your dark wishes into a method of play which will satisfy those dark desired.

RichardGarriott152 karma

Wow, great idea... my team (or at least Chris Spears) will freak out on that one... I do hope we get to the weather stretch goal ($50k to go). If so, I will look into "seasonal" influence as well!

RichardGarriott149 karma

First, thanks! Lots! While there has been some great work like Skyrim & Fallout 3, etc. mostly in solo player. Most MMO's have fallen into the Wow / EQ copy game. Thus I think there is an opportunity open for us to sneak back in. At least I sure hope so! :)

RichardGarriott144 karma

Oh, so well! It was at the end of the Beta, giving a speech in Trinsic, a person named RAINZ cast a fire field around me. I thought I was immortal... but I had forgotten to set the immortality flag months previously.

RichardGarriott129 karma

"emergent game play you were going for" - HA!!!! We had no F'n Clue! We were both amazed and shocked, thrilled and horrified all at the same time! We are trying hard to get back most of that feeling, with some safety nets to keep it from driving away customers, as it really did do in UO.

RichardGarriott112 karma

Since the whole game runs ON your machine, it should be relatively easy to pass support to the community after 100 years or so of glory! :)