Ralph Bakshi

is an American director of animated and live-action films. In the 1970s, he established an alternative to mainstream animation through independent and adult-oriented productions.

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Peter Jackson saw my Lord of the Rings and thought, now there's a good idea. He's right. but, I don't see why he doesn't go on kickstarter and now help fund my new film. After all, he has enough money to buy kickstarter the company.

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No, you could not make animated movies and be on drugs, but now that I hear you, maybe I should've pumped stuff in the air conditioner to increase box office potential.

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Yeah, mostly all of them. My pictures were very low budget, no pencil tests, no retakes, no nothing. Everything else I look at looks better. But not real.

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A couple of things, the internet, the computer, which allows me to work with anyone in the world from my home, and all the fans that want me to do this. I'd like to do a couple more for them, and release it on the internet. You guys are the ones that got me back. Thanks.

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I figured that's fine. It's my film, it's my hard work, if he didn't like it, it's still my film.

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I would like to release it, if possible, directly to my website for everyone to see. That would be, for me, enough. Being online is total freedom.

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You got it. You're the first person to get it. Same shit's going on today.

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I appreciate your response.

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Because there's no one there to tell me that I can't do that, or I can't do this. or I can't write that. Or that some monks in Tibet will get offended if I say that.

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Well, the producer, Steve Krantz, burnt all of them because he was embarrassed by the film.