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founder and CEO of, an internet pornography producer that focuses on BDSM and fetish themes

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Yes! I was having some technical difficulties with my cock, and thus Mark Davis (sitting next to me) was getting all the action!

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the initial material was stolen from newsgroups.... I later took it down when I started to shoot my own stuff.

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I grew up quite uncertain about my sexuality. I finally started to meet other BDSM minded people through in NYC. that took me to 'novice excursions to a bdsm club', places like hellfire. seedy part of town, everyone dressed in black leather and everyone using a scene name becuase they were so scared to be outed. I felt that there must be so many people into BDSM that do not want to spend their saturday night at hellfire club, so that's really where the demystification mission came from.

I think the interviews help with that, and its important for everyone to know that these are fantasies of all the participants (not just the tops).

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Good question!! We are investing heavily in live and social aspects of our products and then integrating them together. I.e. in the future you will join, and that gets you the material, but also live shows with models, interactivity on their blogs, etc.

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I initialy put an ad on craigslist and amateur engineers send me stuff. Latterly we contract with engineers who do the builds.

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Someone who claimed to be a 'missle engineer' made a replica of johnny 5 and sent it to us. We never verifiied if he actually was!

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There is something about castles that adds to the fantasy... medieval dungeons, elegance of the upper classes, hierarchy of servant classes... castles are heavily featured in in BDSM novels such as Anne Rice's "Sleeping beauty" series as a result

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He does, regularly. Tomcat straps a fucksall or other device to his arm... e.g.

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I am also against prop B!

The last case of HIV passing from one performer to another was in 2004. Subsequent outbreaks were caught outside the industry and the performer in question was identified and quarantined.

This is evidence that mandatory testing works. If condoms are mandated, I am concerned shoots will just move out of state, or, worse, overseas where the mandatory testing is not enforced.

I.e. there's some cruel irony here - but i actually think the measure could endanger models. Not to mention why spend gov. money on fighting HIV in this context when there are other communities where it is a genuine and growing issue?

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It cost $500 to incorporate, $80 for MS frontpage, $100 or so for a search engine spamming tool, plus the first month hosting fee - and it was profitable immediately - it brought in $60 in sales per day intitally and grew from there.

That was in the days when money was falling from the sky in this business - unfortuantely thats not the case any more!