Peter Sunde

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is a computer expert with Norwegian and Finnish roots. He is best known for being a co-founder and ex-spokesperson of The Pirate Bay, a BitTorrent search engine.

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They should seed more.

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Thank you for making it something that people care about.

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Yes, I would have encrypted gottes harddrive for him.

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Thanks yourself man. Keep doing good work!

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Using a condom, regular excersise and preferably eating only vegan food!

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TPB is hosted in some sort of cloud thingie. I'm not involved today, so I'm not sure anymore. TPB being blocked in a country has, in every single attempt, given more traffic to it. It's like trying to shoot a black hole with an bow&arrow.

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Dear all,

how can we make sure that people still want to leak important information when everyone who does so puts the rest of their lives at stake?

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Starting a "competitor". We need to not just rely upon ONE site!

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Probably Gotte. Most of the letters was either by him or our legal aid Mikael. I wrote a few as well, for the lulz.