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paddyc789 karma

100% yay. It is just ridiculous not too. A player can be paid £250,000 a week, but we have to just guess if a ball has crossed the line. It has to be implemented!

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haha I really hope this is Maurics Moss from IT Crowd

paddyc582 karma

What was Wenger thinking sending Walcott on that early?

paddyc567 karma

Great questions and absolutely loads. I was playing against someone last week that was amazing, brilliant dribbler and was running past everyone. I grabbed him and told him if he tries to dribble past me again i'm going to break his legs. He went quiet after that and I got a rest.

One player at the start of the game looked me in the eye and said I am the best player you will ever play against, you should be scared. He scored a hat-trick and I had a terrible game, lesson learned!

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Monkeys always, if well trained they can serve you the beer and cheese

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If you want it enough, make it happen, follow my training plans and make videos of your games. Send me a link to them and if they are good enough I can make an introduction for you

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Haha blunt question but fair point. All people are different and deal with things in a different way. However I really noticed a different when I spoke to girls in a bar or club and mentioned that I was a footballer. Alot of the time they seem to change and become a lot more interested. It is certainly true that if footballers wanted to, it is very easy to get as much attention from girls as they wanted. I always had a girlfriend and never really explored that side of things, but I have had friends who really embraced the lifestyle and situations they found themsleves in

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Be fitter than anyone you know. No matter how much talent people have, the best case to showcase yourself is to be an athlete. Research all training programmes on the web, or have a look at my blog and there are some on there. If you stand out physically, you give yourself a better platform for your talent to shine through. Secondly if you really want something, don't accept defeat, and keeping pushing till you get to your goal. If you want something more than anyone else, you will get there!

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With finding jobs and contacting people, it is always about persistence and pushing people to make time and space for you. There is no set program but if you want to send me an email through my website I can put you in touch with some contacts I have

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Messi. They are both freaks when it comes to the standards and the consistency that they can maintain, but Messi I would have to say my favourite. However I would like to see Ronaldo get world player of the year again as I do not think Messi should get it every year!