Oren Peli

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is an Israeli American film director, producer and screenwriter, known as the director of Paranormal Activity.

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werd up.

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it's a combination of fearing the unknown, the invisible, and the sense of vulnerability you have when you're asleep.

also, the idea that you're not safe in your own home...

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he was simply happy to get some extra work.

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of course. Seven. Silence of Lambs.

sometimes people are scarier than anything else.

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my own movies never scare me, but it's a terrifying experience watching your movie with an audience wondering how they receive it.

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not at all. as I was making it, I had to be hopeful that if the movie turned out great, maybe it'll get limited theatrical distribution, but the odds are definitely against you. but that hope kept me motivated.

it didn't help the relationship - we are no longer together, although that wasn't the main reason.

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glad to hear you used it wisely!

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in test-screenings the original ending didn't play as strongly as the rest of the film so we experimented with new endings. in one of the most surreal episodes of my life, an ending was suggested by Spielberg which we shot, tested and it played great in front of an audience.

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it was shot in 2006, edited into 2007. then slightly tweaked (mostly new ending) once DreamWorks came on board. released fall of 2009.

it was pretty nutty. I'm still not used to it. beyond my wildest dreams.

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appreciate it!