Nile Rodgers

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is an American musician, producer, composer, arranger, and guitarist.

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File sharing, and the fact that the industry DIDN'T embrace it! It should have been handled differently, because none of us mind paying for stuff we love.

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I'm really not trying to be a smart ass, but try something new!

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This is an awesome question. What I did was I practiced 32nd notes on the open notes one string at a time, and tried to cleanly move from string to string. After a while I started to learn how to mute them with my right palm to control the sympathetic notes. After months of this I emerged as the dude you hear playing now. It also works with 16th and 8th notes depending on the tempo of your metronome.

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There's too many great DP songs to make one superlative, but I'm awed by "One More Time" because I love watching people on the dance floor when the tempo goes away. It was great to work with them!

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Study folks you like and your own style will evolve.

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It's really weird to be in the spotlight so much, but Daft Punk, like CHIC, are semi-anonymous and they asked me to do most of the press. Of course I love the guys and wanted the record to be heard, so I took one for the team.

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Writing my memoir Le Freak. It took four years. I guess cancer would be a close second.

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Miles Davis!

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YES! When I toil it may be good but it's never a hit!!!!!!

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I also write on jazz and classical guitars, but most pop stuff is done on my Fender strat affectionately called The Hitmaker, for obvious reasons. Thanks, the Warehouse Project was bananas!