Nik Lentz

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is an American mixed martial artist.

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lol I Nik Lentz

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It happens all the time. I'm not the biggest guy, but I do like the ladies. I bring my wife when I go out, but that does not mean I dont try to get girls for my friends or just in general like having nice things to look at. This pisses a lot of guys off. I usually talk my way out of fights and my wife is amazing at calming me down. But there have been a few big buff dudes that got KO'ed by me, but I walk away almost all the time

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Nothing to special. The one thing I don’t like is people touching me. A hand shake or a hug is fine, but I really don’t like anyone in my space. I pace a little, remind myself I’m the man and am going to win, think about my family and how much I love them, and go out and try to hurt the guy trying to take my dreams from me.

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hmmmm I would hope I could do it in 30

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The truth

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DRG, I like FXO because they have a great story and have worked hard to get where they are

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I don’t understand his feelings on not taking the fight. He had every advantage. Sonnen just lost, had no time to train, is a 185 lb guy, and talks a lot of shit about Jones. It is just the perfect opportunity to shut him up…..I don’t know if he knew that the entire card would be cancelled or not. Taking a fight on short notice is very hard to do, not for the fighter who had the full camp, but for the guy stepping up. Sonnen was never my favorite fighter, but this shows that he really backs up what he says. Well played by Sonnen……Jones confused me and I think he made a horrible decision

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Awesome! Thank you!!!

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Run, don’t fight if you don’t know how. You have no idea what kind of fighter your opponent is. Its very hard to know who is going to be able to hurt you. Get some lessons or watch some videos online. If you have to, go for the eyes!