Nicholas Eftimiades

best known for his work Chinese Intelligence Operations (1994)

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Bad if you are picking up Chinese.

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They have no sense of humor.

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Fearful in the short term (2 decades); hopeful after that. Global reach is expanding. There is going to be some friction. With destructive power going up that means people are going to die. But hopefully, after some time and exposure we all learn to live with each other a bit more. As long as people keep thinking every meteorite shower is a message from God we are going to have problems.

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Sorry, I'm not going to touch that one.

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The inside truth is that this government was set up for an activist population. You scream the most, people will listen. You get others to scream, Congress listens, etc. It is all about leadership and caring. The only problem is that most of us are so busy it is hard to make a difference.

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People - definitely. Never doubt that. I have seen a congressman make a 3 star general wait in the lobby because the head of the local PTA was visiting.

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Side orders of investment (LOL). Great comment. I don't think anyone wants conflict. The issue is going to be whether we can manage a peaceful rise of China. Remember there are factions in EVERY government. Military, diplomatic, intelligence, legislative, etc. It's like a car speeding down the highway with everybody grabbing at the wheel. Sometimes you slide into conflict; sometime you can manage your way out of it.

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People's Daily Newspaper publicly identified me as "an enemy of the people".

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Wow, that's the toughest one so far. I'm not so sure it is a superpower issue. Clearly the rise of China is a big issue. Friction between the developed and developing world (exacerbated by extremist religions) is going to be with us for a while.

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Superpower - certainly Russia is getting enough money to elevate themselves. But a superpower is more than an economy and military. Great nations must export ideas. That is ultimately why the Soviet Union crumbled. People just didn't like what they had to offer. This is also China's problem for the future.