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known for the documentary film Super Size Me

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You're a hero

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McAwful, I was McShitting all over the place.

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Love Doug & love that movie. That guy's a rockstar. He's working on his new film: Chronic Con Episode One - A Fan's Dope

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Worst part of living on Minimum wage is that fact that if one thing goes wrong, you're fucked. You'll be in a financial hole that could take you months or years to get out of. I really want to make Brave New World into a movie ... still believe that could happen.

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I would eat at a Cinnabon in an airport before I would eat at a McDonald's

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Just play the last Mass Effect- was pretty sweet. I really want to do a film about education. As my kid gets older, I know it will be more and more of an issue for me.

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My favorite episode is the Animal Rights show - NC hunter moves in with family of Peta activists in LA ... hilarity ensues.

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Never - there's so many better places to get a real burger.

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Pretty scary - my girlfriend was about to pop at that point as well, so I was ready to get home

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Well then order two, chubs.