Mitch Hurwitz

is an American television writer and producer. He is best known as the creator of the television sitcom Arrested Development as well as the co-creator of The Ellen Show, and a contributor to The John Larroquette Show and The Golden Girls.

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That's interesting. I guess they are! Who knew? I wonder if they've forgotten? Thanks to you, now I've remembered!

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You're welcome! And you know - there is a way around that. You COULD let your hair grow. I'm not suggesting that you change your look, but I think all of us feel like you've had that short hair thing going for a while anyway.

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Believe it or not, I don't think there IS one! Because every time I think of something that's too outlandish, I end up trying to find a way to use it. I remember pitching Buster loses his hand as a bad example to motivate the writers to think outside the box...and then a moment later, I thought "Hey, why don't we have Buster lose his hand?"

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Like this...


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Yea, there were a lot of things that her name was made out of - Anvil was definitely part of it. The image of a veal padding pen. And there's an old Monty Python skit where John Cleese's character's name is "An Elk" - it was an oblique reference to that too. Her original name was "Fugly." We were going to name her something Fugly - and then it felt a little too jokey and they fortunately didn't allow us to say it.

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I think I would not want to be Mark - I always wanted there to be a 5th Bluth sibling that didn't give his permission to be in the show. And it was an ambition that I had from the very start. And I realized during the pilot that I'd blown it, because all the family pictures should have 5 people in them with one blurred. This was the joke that I ended up doing with Andy Richter. The joke was going to be that his name was Mark - in one version of the joke, the reason that he didn't want to be on the show was because he had a giant red wine birthmark all over his face - and suddenly it didn't seem as noble that he didn't want to be in the show. But it was very clear that I missed that opportunity early on.

Who would I want to be? I guess I'd want to be Tobias, because he's the most oblivious and the happiest. And he's the dreamer. And he doesn't know how unrealistic his dreams are, so he's happy.

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Here's the thing: I don't know what nobody seems to get. I mean, sometimes I think that nobody has noticed something, and then I'll hear that someone does. My older brother was over yesterday, and he was pointing out all these really subtle things that I didn't think anybody would notice. And some of the stuff may be well-known now - my favorite joke is who the real George Maharis is - because that's a punchline we didn't finish. Basically the joke is, he doesn't want to be George Michael, because George Michael had sex in a public men's room, and he doesn't want to be Boy George, because Boy George had sex in a public men's room, so he settles on the name George Maharis... but a little research will show that name has a similar fate. That being said, I think the groupthink on reddit has caught all the jokes that we've layered in - except for the ones we haven't finished yet, which are setting up for a future story.

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I've had other object lessons that I've worked hard to teach them. Fortunately, I have a friend who strangles small animals and I've been able to use him successfully to remind them to wear their retainers, etc.

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We are really working on it, actually! It's tricky because 20th doesn't really have a record label, which a lot of the other studios do, so they don't have a mechanism in place, but all of David's music is so great and I really want to get it out there.

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There are a few things going on there, and I never think it's appropriate for an author to comment on the symbolism in his work. But one of the things I liked, truly on a superficial level, is that it's a truly funny bird. It's a mean chicken the size of a man, and it's an ungainly creature that can't seem to gain flight. So there's a lot in there.