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known for his role as Syrio Forel in HBO TV series A Game Of Thrones and children's TV personality 'Mikey' in the long running series Hububb (1997-2003)

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probably maisie teaching me to play fruit ninja and always beating em at it. how ironic

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hello and thankyou! just to let you all know as there are so many questions i will keep them as brief and to the point so i can get through them all.... i used to fence when i was younger and also trained as a dancer but throughout my acting career i have done a lot of sword fighting and fight choreography and it was a prerequisite of getting the job that i could handle myself with a sword. more than that i had to appear to look like its something i have done nearly all my life

it was an amazing experience working with so many brilliant inspiring actors, the only regret was not doing scenes with them. but maise made up for that because she is so bloody talented!

buster the fight choreographer was so good it was easy, by that point i had been using the sword and learning choreography for a while so it didn't take long plus the stunt men who i fought made me look like i was better than i was, but i made a point of wanting to put i few acrobatic cheeky moves in

who knows if you will see me again as its a secret and couldn't tell you if i was and also my next project that I'm working on is a secret too so sorry i am having to be vague, but you will know soon

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it has to be tyrion.

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trust me jack is the sweetest person you are ever likely to meet he apologies to sophie all the time for the things he has to do and always apologies after a take if he has to swear in front of the girls! he is nothing like his character, thats why he is an amazing actor

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just to let anyone i haven't answered i have been typing away for over two hours and i have to go out but i will answer all your questions eventually thanks for your support and thank you for your patience miltos

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well he is left handed and right handed so it would be a close run thing. have you seen mandy patinkin in homeland? he is as amazing as ever!

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thank you so much i put everything i could into it, so I'm glad people appreciated it

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it has to be the battering i gave the stunt men during rehearsals for the lannister fight. i had a move where i slide under one to knock him off his feet, i can't tell you how many time i head butted his genitals as i tried to perfect that move! (god that sounds so wrong?!!!)