Michael C. "Mike" Maronna

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best known for his role as "Big Pete" on the TV show The Adventures of Pete & Pete.

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It's true. I was playing guitar, everyone was into Jimi hendrix, we were also teenage troublemakers, I think I used hairspray so it didn't quite flame on but just smoldered. The disciplinary report at the time (I recall) read "...a guitar that was smoldering..."

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Toby Huss who played Artie was the coolest. He had lots of stories about growing up in Iowa and stories about living on the Lower East Side, and he was pretty much born to tell stories.

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Yes, I think that was supposed to be someone else's line at first.

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People do sometimes recognize me. It's only hard getting back into the industry if you leave for a while. I guess I left and went to college instead of acting full time, so, yes, it was hard. Didn't really constitute stardom, though. taking advantage = girls? if so, then no. taking advantage = juicy film roles? not that either.

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Pretty much, we got along on set pretty well, we were from New Jersey(Tamberelli), Brooklyn(Maronna), and Long Island(Fanelli), we all had accents, we were all Italian, now that I think about it, we should have had a gang!

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Thanks, it seems to hold up very well, doesn't it?

Dan and I didn't always get a chance to hang out with the shooting schedules and living in different states, but we stayed in touch and still hang out these days. On the set we had a lot of fun.

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There was that, but we were always working with an independent production company, the producers then turned a finished show over to Nickelodeon, and the network people did their thing from there. At the time there were plenty of young crazy types and plenty of corporate TV types, not homogeneous.

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  1. Toby was awesome, funny, fragrant, he was from the midwest, funny twang, etc.
  2. Dan Tamberelli as he is still around here. Judy Grafe (Mom) and Toby I just saw in LA but I don't tend to keep in touch with.
  3. Rarely.
  4. I don't think the word meta existed back then. We knew it was crazy.
  5. I auditioned, they liked it, we made the show for years, we got older, they ended the show.

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That would be the stuff that I would come to set to watch even if I wasn't in the scene. There was a lot of laugh-stifling at the director's video monitor as well...

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I am in. take heart, flamehead.