Mike Krahulik

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is the artist for the popular webcomic Penny Arcade and co-founder with Jerry Holkins of Child's Play, a multimillion dollar charity that organizes toy drives for children's hospitals.

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cwGabriel2687 karma

You do not need to donate anything! Just email Robert and we will work it out. My legs are ready to be scanned!

cwGabriel2273 karma

If I die the strip becomes a memorial for me. If Jerry dies we get a team of writers to fill in.

cwGabriel1791 karma

I say bullshit. It is an incredible imitation of the Bewitched TV series!

cwGabriel1153 karma

Yeah I do. That was a mistake but it was the sort of mistake we learn from.

cwGabriel1100 karma

my favorite strip is the Megaman Effect. The one where G&T play games and turn into little kids. I think it's just a perfect comic.

I think The Fruit Fucker is my fav side character.

cwGabriel941 karma

I can never repeat that joke. Everyone who heard it is bound by a blood oath to keep it secret.

cwGabriel808 karma

I am optimistic. I actually really liked the Star Trek re-boot.

cwGabriel736 karma

no. We do not want people sweating at PAX.

cwGabriel725 karma

We actually had a fight last year that was filmed but we didn't end up using the footage. I was being a jerk to Jerry in what I thought was a funny way but it really was just me being a jerk. He got pissed at me and stormed out. It happens. It was resolved when he came back in a few minutes later and we finished writing the comic. This sort of thing happens in creative relationships. It's not common for us but it does happen.

cwGabriel717 karma

yes! it used to be that I worked pretty strange hours. Now that I am a dad I try and work a 9-5 schedule. When I go home at night work is over and I am a Dad. I feel like it's really important to make that distinction.