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is an American Grammy Award winning hip hop producer. He is known for pioneering the Dirty South sound in the 1990s, particularly in work for artists from Rap-A-Lot Records

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Whatever we make...

iAmMikeDean86 karma

I have no idea. I don't deal with that shit.

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Probably Tyler the Creator putting food on people while they were asleep. Tomatoes, just food. Then he'd take photos. Then they'd wake up when he'd take photos and the flash would go off.

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I think it's dope, I use it for market research and for a laugh. Also, they need to move my section out of the 'other artists' section just into 'artists.' Just for the record.

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he goes to galleries, museums, and studies.

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the same reason I don't. good living. hard work.

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no. he did one interview for the Times. And everybody took it out of context (Jake Tapper my new best friend).

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yes. he's cool with it.

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No...but I show him stuff occasionally.

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  • Chronic 2001

  • Yeezus