Michael John Nelson

famous for his work on the cult television series Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K)

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Because their hearts are full of hate!

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We're always trying to find new ways to get the RiffTrax out there, so our vast network of experts (there's a guy with a laptop on a card table) is looking into it.

I know that RiffTrax writer Sean Thomason wants a collaboration because his favorite film, Cool Dog, is available on Netflix. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_CXZ7C_QxVI

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My pleasure, hope all is better now.

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Thanks, kind of you to say.

We divide up the movie into sections and each of we writer types comes up with the riffs. Then it's edited and massaged, then we rehearse and change so that we have it to the point that we can relax at the time of recording.

It's all powered by Kevin's home-roasted coffee.

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I was so involved as head writer it never occurred to me to worry about that.

Actually, when the hate mail came in we took a perverse pleasure in trying to find the worst. I found it funny because I had never been as passionate about anything as some of these people were about their puppet show hosts. In fact, when we changed the color of the jumpsuit, we'd get death threats. On the internet, that's entirely commonplace, but back then, remember, people were taking pen in hand, purchasing stationary and stamps for those death threats! That's committment.

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Well, luckily most people aren't diligent about getting all the Border Sauce out of those packets. With 3 or 4 hours of scrounging, you can get a decent meal!

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Conor keeps insisting that we do the completely piranha-free film "Piranha, Piranha". We crunched the numbers, told him, "Conor, if we do this film we will literally have to close down the business and shutter RiffTrax forever."

Conor's reply: "There are no piranhas in the movie -- we HAVE to do it."

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That is a good question, and it pains me to say - do NOT throw those shirts out! Mrs. Stewarts Bluing, my friend. Get to know her, she's a shirt saving miracle woman.

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Yes. Those lines, followed by those juicy pauses...

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Thank you!

We don't really watch a movie over and over, we only watch it 4 or five times, but we do it very, very, very slowly each time, stopping as we try to come up with the jokes. Probably 80 man-hours of watching the films to get a script, I'd guess.