Michael Landsberg

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Michael Elliot Landsberg is a Canadian sports journalist and current host of Off the Record for TSN.

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heylandsberg397 karma

Perhaps the greatest message ever sent to me.

Go to hell, but thank you.

heylandsberg227 karma

He is a terrible person. No, check that. he is a terrible, evil human being. He spit in my face, kicked my dog, and worst of all, urinated in our studio.

heylandsberg199 karma

I have no regrets. I have had 23 actual surgeries. 29 injections. And I have smeared my face with the blood of a goat.

heylandsberg176 karma

Jay actually left for legal reasons. He was seen leaving TSN with an actual studio camera. Do you know how big those things are? God knows what he did with the camera - but I do know Jay was spotted around the zoo shortly thereafter.

heylandsberg175 karma

First surgery, Dec. 14 1994 - lip injections. Last surgery, Dec. 19 2013 - tightening of loose neck skin caused by 7 face lifts between 2000 and 2012.

heylandsberg174 karma

Thanks bud. I've taken some risks, and avoided "the big one", but I actually use the leftover skin from Axel Rose's last neck trim as a filler.

heylandsberg160 karma

First thing: you have to acknowledge that you will never understand what your friend is feeling. Tell them that. And stop giving advice that makes sense in your head because it likely won't make sense in theirs. And ask! Ask "what can I do for you?"

heylandsberg155 karma

Larry King doesn't belong in that list. Charlie Rose I love. Howard Stern is brilliant. Why don't we replace Larry with Barbara Walters. Now, she had balls.

heylandsberg142 karma

First week OTR was on the air we had Bret Hart on a panel. Vince McMahon saw it and said "you can have any of my guys out of character." It was the first time ever.

heylandsberg142 karma

Not an athlete, but David Copperfield. I believe he fell asleep - and that wasn't the worst part of the interview.