Michael Franzese

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is a former New York mobster with the Colombo crime family who was heavily involved in the gasoline tax rackets in the 1980s.

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MichaelFranzese2004 karma

they will NEVER find Hoffa's body. trust me on that one.

MichaelFranzese1983 karma

Most authentic - Goodfellas and Donnie Brasco. They mention my name in Good fellas. The bar scene. I knew those guys very well. My era. saved Henry Hill's life 2 x. I knew Paul Vario and Jimmy Burke well, also. And Left Guns Ruggerio was a good friend. Those two are the most accuarate depiction of that part of the life.

MichaelFranzese1564 karma

A million. Spent 20 years in the life. Organized the Russian mob from Brighton beach in the gas business. Best partners I ever had. I taught them how to defraud the government out of hundreds of millions of dollars of tax money back then. They now are deep into medicare fraud, setting up fraudulent medical clinics all over the country. Would take hours to tell you all the stories. Take care.

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i can't go back to brooklyn to live, or in NY in general. wouldn't last. but i don't live in fear. i am a person of strong faith now. God has had my back. remember, i am the only made man, a caporegime, that i know of who has walked away from the life, publicly, not entered a witness protection program and lived. it's a God thing, my friend. not coincidence.

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Walked into a room one night and thought I was going to get killed. I was called in by my boss over money I generated in the gas business. That's how it goes, you walk in and never walk out when you are in real trouble. I was in the right, proved it and her I am. But, brother, my heart was pounding, knees weak... Still don't know why I went. I guess just a product of my life back then.

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Very intense. very solemn, very serious. I took an oath with a picture of a saint burning in my hands. My thumb was cut with a knife and blood dropped on the floor. The oath is never to violate the brotherhood of La Cosa Nostra.

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yes. not nearly as big as when I was active in the 70's - early 90's. but still exists. don't count it out. very resourceful.

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easy. who hangs out there? mob guys like to eat where they are comfortable with ownership and the clientele. and of course, the food has to be good.

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ha. no salary you earn for yourself unless you were the boss. most gusy were not good earners. trust me. yes. he's 96 years old and still in prison. very thin. we mob guys are experts at cutting garlic.

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my mom and grandmother were the best. grandma's meatballs cannot be duplicated and mom could whip up a delicious meal in minutes. miss them both! but my wife is a great cook. blessed!