Meytal Cohen

is an Israeli musician best known for his work as the guitarist for successful groove / metalcore band Betzefer and the recently reunited melodic death metal band Nail Within.

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in no particular order, 5 of my all time favorites are: Tool, Deftones, System Of A Down, Faith No More, Sevendust.

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it does affect my playing, I think it's a bit more solid with shoes... as silly as it sounds it usually depends on what I wearing, my favorite drumming shoes just don't go with everything lol.

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the backstreet boys

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Thanks :) there are so many... but I would have to say Danny Carey.

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I was 18, My dad was killed by a drunk driver while he was standing on the side walk when I was in second grade, and my mom raised us all by herself. it was very important to her that we all go study,and have a "serious profession that you can actually make a living of off" so no she wasn't happy with it. my entire family consists of lawyers, and dr and I would get calls on a daily basis asking me if "I've made it yet" and the general vibe was that I'm wasting my time.

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after we uploaded the video of toxicity, and it getting millions of views in a very short time I was getting may emails and messages asking me to upload more covers... I had all these songs that i've been practicing anyways so I decided to shoot those and upload.

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It wasn't so easy... I knew english from TV before I came to the US but I found out that speaking it is much harder.

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  1. I didn't have a work visa for the first few years after moving to LA. and as terrible as it is, the only things that allowed me to stick around for as long as i did, was the fact I got some money from an insurance company, after rolling off a little cliff (I wasn't the idiot driver) and breaking 3 vertebras in a car accident with some ppl from school. the money ran out about the exact time when my drum covers started picking up bit. I wasn't able to make a living off of views because the songs are copyrighted, and so I opened my tiny online shop and was able to get by thanks to ppl that would buy my t shirts and posters.

  2. Lior is my bf

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I worked very hard to get to where I am today… it took me over 6 years, 100 drum covers and 24/7 of engaging with my fans on the internet and beyond… I think that anyone that applied the same persistence and hard work that I did would get there - regardless of looks. with that said I do believe that u need about 20% talent and 80% hard work, presistance and attitude to make it in anything, you see it everywhere. successful people are not necessarily the best. ppl just like being around them. the ppl that are busy criticizing other ppl are the ones that are stuck and it’s mostly due to their shitty attitude.

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Ppl that try and bring others down usually just need a big hug :)