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Dungeons & Dragons. Thankfully, Dan rejected their rejection.

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We have discussed this in the writers' room, actually. The general consensus was: definitely.

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Troy crying in the bathroom singing "Reading Rainbow."

EDIT: My mistake for answering a "what joke did you write" question. Classic trap. I just wrote that set-up, yes. I though it was funny to see him cry and sing that song. Donald improvised the end.

EDIT: Can I revise the whole answer to say Troy's line in "Cooperative Calligraphy" about wiener dogs?

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We had to cut a bunch from the finale I wrote for season 4. I had a Leonard exchange with Annie that I really liked, but it's on the cutting room floor. (Not literally of course, everything is digital.) It went something like.

Leonard sees Annie trying on a wedding veil.

LEONARD: If you build it, he will come.

ANNIE: Shut up, Leonard. I know you have a soft spot for me.

LEONARD: You look like you should be tattooed on a sailor.

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This is probably a bad thing to say -- especially when we haven't aired one episode yet -- but I wish I could redo the finale of season 4. I had to write it in a bit of a pinch, during a period of upheaval on the show. I wrote it too long (like... 6 minutes too long) and we had to cut a ton out of it in the edit bay. Part of me fears I was too freaked out to do my best work on it, because I wanted it to be a finale worthy of a show it could never be worthy of. Finales are generally terrible, and I am expecting that people will say this one is trying to hard, because it is. Because I was. God was I ever trying too hard on that one. My hope is that you'll all love the Halloween episode and forgive me for the finale. Maybe you'll like it. I have no way of knowing anymore.

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Oooooh. Good question.

I think Chris McKenna had the idea last year to send them to Vegas. We could never afford to do that. Pierce takes Abed to Vegas to try and "Rain Man" him at the casinos, and the gang has to bring Abed back. Special guest star: Chris Angel?

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We filmed his scene for 317 yesterday. He was unusually chipper. I guess he liked the script, because he told me a few times he thought it was funny. We had this exchange:

Chevy: It's a good script. Me: (nervous, mumbly) Thanks. Thank you, Chevy. That means a lot to me, I'm glad you like it. Chevy: It's good. Funny. How about you come to my trailer and take your pants off. Me: Um, no? Chevy: Fine. I'll do it.

CLASSIC Chevy bit.

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We always wanted to do an episode like this. Actually, for a while we discussed having the Star-burns wake episode be a tribute to the background characters, who are really foreground characters in their own story (a world in which our group would be considered background). It didn't come to anything but it's still a good idea.

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Marry Leonard, Fuck Chang, Kill Todd.

Did I do that wrong?

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Quite possibly Danny and Donald. I'm not 100% sure but I wouldn't be surprised.