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is an American nerdcore rapper, voice actor, writer, and improvisational comedian.

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just a reminder to always be on my best behavior. glad i was well behaved. this summer it's just my fiancee and me no roadie or TM so we are gonna need everyone's help. feel free to show up at mic check (around 5pm) and help us load in. i'll put you on the list and definitely be thankful. sometimes there's lots of stairs and i'll have lots of heavy bins of merch. i may always need help! and i'm glad you're life has been a series of cool moments! keep it going!

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you know i get this letter every week. and im an atheist but i find it so weird how many times never give up has appeared during a shuffle right when a person needed to hear it. i love the mysterious nature of the universe and how sometimes it takes care of us. i'm glad i could help. when i made that song, i told andrew wk, who sings at the end, that it would save lives, and he flashed that big grin. we were weren't making money we were using music to help those that needed it. that's when it's best. we still hope to make another song together. im glad you're feeling better and i hope things continue to improve. your letter is why i do what i do, and i hope i can continue to be given the chance to help those that feel like they have exhausted all their options. never give up!

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nope it's about eating popcorn with your tongue like a frog, where you stick it out and bring a piece of popcorn back in your mouth. it's also about remembering my mom cheering me up with popcorn after being fun of at school, and how happy it made me, and every time i eat i think back to eating popcorn and watching inspector gadget and just letting the day melt away like butter.

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simply put, ive made mistakes and i'm sorry i embarrassed others and myself. sometimes i don't mean to be as offensive as its taken, sometimes im angrier than i wish i was, and took it out on those that didn't mean any harm. all i can say is im sorry and it doesn't happen anymore. a part of me thought i was doing the right thing and sticking up for the crowd if folks were being pushed or the show was being ruined. as for sexually harassing others, i've done a lot of things im not proud of, but some things weren't meant to be offensive. other times i wanted to hurt others i felt that were being hurtful towards me. in the future i will try to be the better person if i feel im being attacked. as for lame behavior, hopefully it's come to an end. i feel like im in my right mind now, im older im sober and i have a little more control over myself. i hope you can find it your heart to forgive me and come to another show to see how things have changed.

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thanks for opening up for me!

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holy shit there's a libertville subreddit? that rules. well, in my day the grass was green there was still farms, but i saw lots of the land get burbed. i lived on lake street near butterfield school. and i played in the little league at butler park, went to adler day camp, when the pool was just two squares. my favorite thing was liberty theater. i remember where i was sitting for most of the movies i saw there. i loved that place so much, the galaga machine. i loved hawthorne theater in vernon hills because they played the more important movies like rotj and ghostbusters and i loved the mall, went every saturday, got two potato cakes and would get a new gi joe at kay bee next door. all that's changed now. a lot of my songs take place there. like tussin first verse, or the masturbation song. you can hear references to downings and denny's in freaks.

now that i'm older and its time for me to settle down i just look for towns like libertyville. but there just isnt one. in a lot of ways it's a perfect place. it can be very conservative and racist, at least when i was there. it wasn't an easy place to grow up being different, not athletic, artistic, but there were cool kids that wore long black coats that listened to the cure. there was a counter culture. i was in all the plays at the high school and would take the walk home around the lake. i loved the lake and cemetery, the willows by the band shelter. i still miss it. last time i was there i went to great america. everything seems so small to me now. growing up sucks. it's like the world shrinks on you.

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we're all guilty of making mistakes and being hurtful.

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nope but i will still do the song live. i just saw that it wasn't helping, i was in a fog and not dealing with reality, whether it be my dad's death, or my career, or even that i was mc chris. it was just time to deal. and it wasn't easy. a lot of people laughed at me and said it wasn't a real addiction but i smoked everyday for 18 years and would get super tense and pissed if i couldn't find any. i can still get tense and pissed, i don't blame it all on weed, but at least now i feel like have more control over my emotions. i don't cry as much at everything. i don't get as upset. although truth be told i can still lose my cool. i just wanted to grow up a little. and now that I'm sober i have a lot of regrets and feel very rip van winkle-ish. i've lost a lot of people, so much has changed, all because i was too stoned to hang out or stay connected. now im trying to reestablish those connections, but it aint easy. but my therapist helped me jump the fence. i thought i would start drinking or kill myself, but he showed me that that just wasnt true. it's been really helpful, and i've saved a lot of dough. and now i read instead and can speak more clearly, remember people and what i was saying. can't wait to perform and not be worried finding weed or getting caught with it. it's a load off my mind and hopefully it will help with fan relations and heckler relations. of course, i respect anyone else's choice to smoke, i think it's the least dangerous way to self medicate and i think i will see it get legalized in my life time. i hope to legally smoke with my kids some day. uh when they're old enough of course. :)

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well i am sorry for being a dick. and you don't have to give me anything. cool?

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i agree.