Max Brooks

is an American horror author and screenwriter.

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Sounds like a pornstar with low self esteem.

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Well let me see. I think my transition away from writing jokes for Saturday Night Live would have be the moment when they fired me.

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 I wish I had a succinct, witty answer for the long, complex process that was "World War Z: The Movie". I can tell you that I didn't have much involvement in the making of that movie.  I didn't even know what they were doing until I finally saw the movie. Basically, I took a risk letting Hollywood try to adapt my book. It's a risk I don't regret. As Captain Kirk once said "Risk is our business". Ironically, the fact that it was SO different my book was exactly what allowed me to emotionally divorce myself from the final product. I didn't have to watch my characters be mutilated or my story be perverted. As I've said many times, they didn't ruin my book, they ignored it. The silver lining was that I had could just sit back, breathe easy, and enjoy this fun, exciting "28 Days Later on crack" movie that just happened to have the same title as my book. As to your next question, do I wish that a different team would come in and give it another try? Honestly, when it comes to Hollywood, I try really... really hard to manage my expectations. 

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Depends on what you mean by attractive. As a heterosexual man, I've never had carnal fantasies about him... but I do confess that it would be nice once in a while to come downstairs into the kitchen to find him making pancakes for my family.

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You mean my awesome super secret plan? Good question. Next question?

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I was actually on the set and I will say that John Candy was a very sweet man. He is very missed. As I write this, my arse is comfortably seated on a chair from the original battle bridge of Spaceball 1.

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Don't aspire. Just write! Take it in drafts and don't expect your first draft to be good. Just use it to write "The End" and spend the next drafts editing. Don't be afraid to self publish. There is no shame in anymore. Everyone is self publishing nowadays and I hear Amazon might actually help you do it. Last but not least, don't read reviews and don't google yourself! As my friend Frank Darabont says "Looking for love on the internet is like Janet Leigh asking Norman Bates if he likes her body."

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  1. I'm not sure if I feel responsible. That's for other people to decide. It'd be cool if I've contributed to the genre. I could live with that.

  2. The road to New York. I wish I could say I just thought it all up, but that section was just based on so many of the real wars we as humans have fought. We're attacked, we fall back, and slowly, painfully, we reclaim lost territory.

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I love The Walking Dead... until AMC fired the show's creator, Frank Darabont. I haven't watched since.

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I have yet to see the Russian scenes. Do they show an illegal seizure of the Crimea?