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is an ESPN fantasy sports analyst and columnist. He writes under the nickname "the Talented Mr. Roto," or "TMR". Berry currently works as ESPN's senior director of fantasy sports

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It's about DAMN TIME I GOT THE DUCK QUESTION! I'll take on the 1 duck sized AP. Upright running style won't help on those short duck legs. I'll go low.

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DRAFT DAY LOCATION: Guy in Afghanistan who kept drafting through a bombing of his base. Totally true.

PUNISHMENTS: Well, the Tattoo League guys are nuts. Have you seen this video? Also, a guy who had to get his belly button pierced.

CHEATING: A guy who managed to get an entire major league baseball team drunk the night before a day game when he had the starting pitcher on the other team going for him (for a championship)

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Kinda yeah. Last 3 years, only 2 teams have run more inside an opponents 10 yards line than ATL. Last 3 years, only 1 team has run LESS inside an opponent's 10 yard line than STL. Over that time frame, S JAX was 7th in yards after contact in goal to go situations, better than Adrian Peterson, among others. He is still an elite RB, now he has the opportunity.

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Had a BLAST. Those guys are great. Really really enjoyed it. We're talking about doing it again this season. Cast members vary in their knowledge of football and fantasy but Steve (he plays Kevin) is a hard core player.

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Very simple. Do you want to play checkers...or chess? Auction format, where everyone has a shot at every player, is chess. But if they don't think they're smart enough and need the luck of the draw...

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WOW! That is amazing. I can't believe you remember that column - I barely remember that column. To answer your questions - no, in general, they are not more clever, though most interact with me on Twitter, so gotta get straight to the death threat there. And no, I have not as of yet. Let me take this chance to publicly apologize to Molly Ringwald. I should not have said whatever it is I said in a college humor column. (Basically, I wasn't a fan).

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Lotta fun. He's cool. Most surprising? Someone told me they were in a fantasy league with Gov Chris Christie. Haven't verified that but I believe it to be true. That was certainly surprising.