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is an American online social media entrepreneur, web developer and musician living in San Francisco, California. He is best known for developing the free and open source web software WordPress

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Go. :)

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Just the opposite, I'm very glad we're not Tumblr.

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94 successful transactions so far, pretty low. I think it's more important philosophically to support it than it's been beneficial from a business point of view.

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Yes! If anyone from Reddit sees this, would super-duper appreciate if we could get /r/WordPress capitalized properly. I can send copious amounts of swag, bourbon, and BBQ if bribes are needed.

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First and foremost the most important things for a platform are stability, speed, and security. To do those well you need the ability to push updates and fixes as close to real-time as possible. And it needs to work in every language. User authentication, data and caching abstraction.

A lot of what people think of as platform stuff is actually at the CMS layer -- custom post types, taxonomy meta,

If backwards compatibility wasn't a concern I would rename all the inconsistent column names and variables to match our style guide, drop TinyMCE, simplify the user roles and capabilities system, replace widgets with page blocks, redo the admin menu system, denormalize the DB, flatten dependencies and deep hierarchy in function execution, and completely reorganize the code so the bare minimum of files are included with any given request.

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Thank you. :) Hug a WP contributor next time you meet one, there are hundreds of people active every day that are even more crucial to WordPress than me.

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Not sure how to end this -- thank you everyone who participated. Despite all our growth so far, WordPress is still kind of an under the radar thing, so if you were here consider yourself part of a secret society on the bleeding edge of what's next for the web.

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I left a lot of thoughts in the comments on this puff piece:

They say or imply lots of things about WordPress that aren't true. They've also done things like had a quote from me looking like I was endorsing Ghost on their Kickstarter page even after I asked them to remove it several times. (Lots of people were confused or thought it was a plugin for WP.)

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Haven't looked recently, will see if I can pull some numbers. I wish I had bought some Bitcoins before we introduced it, though. :)

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Some cool stuff in there! I also keep an eye on Joomla and Concrete5. I find it really fascinating to watch other open source projects especially because we share much of the same background and philosophy, but make radically different decisions around things like backward compatibility and release schedule.

It's like watching birds that evolved from the same ancestor but on isolated islands and environments. I'm sure we do things that look completely crazy to Drupal folks, and vice versa.

Along those lines I was asked to keynote at the Joomla World Conference in November and it looks like I'm going to be able to make it.