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NazanineMoshiriAJE600 karma

Just spoke to someone about this and he says it is probably correct. A commander of MaiMai Janvier karahire was present in Sake at the time.

NazanineMoshiriAJE359 karma

Dear MechDigital,

That is an excellent question. The issue isn't this one rebel group, there are around 25 here in Eastern Congo, terrorising the population. When fighting erupts, tens of thousands of people flee. Millions of people have been displaced over the past few decades. There are also so many weapons coming into the country from outside countries, and these outside forces are trying to influence things here.

NazanineMoshiriAJE342 karma

There are certainly plenty of MaiMai in the area, we have spoken to several members of the group. I am not sure the rebel group was protecting Sake though. For those that don't know who MaiMai is, here is a link to some stories about the rebels.

NazanineMoshiriAJE254 karma

Hello everyone, I am just about to start answering your questions. Please be aware internet is an issue, I am on a bgan, so if I am slow to respond, please be patient with me.

NazanineMoshiriAJE244 karma

People have described DR Congo as the rape capital in the world, and I have covered stories here about the use of sexual violence as a political/military tool. I personally have not felt under threat, but women who have to walk to collect water, or wood for the fire, have told me about the fear they feel.

NazanineMoshiriAJE215 karma

Hi BroDonBaker,

Thanks for your question. Here is a link to more information about M23 I met them when they first defected from the Congolese army and formed M23 back in April. Its demand then was more about re-integration into the army with better pay, ranks, and more land. Now it has political aims, it wants Joseph Kabila to step down, it wants new elections in the country.

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Sorry it started raining, so I had to move to shelter.

NazanineMoshiriAJE143 karma

Oxfam International, and MSF, as well as the International Red Cross are all doing a great job out here you can contribute money to their appeals.

NazanineMoshiriAJE133 karma

Speaking to people here the Chinese have done very little to help the development of the country. They have taken natural resources like gold and diamonds.

NazanineMoshiriAJE118 karma

Dear NinjaDiscoJesus,

I have been covering Africa for the past two years, and have reported on many conflicts, as well as corruption, exploitation, poverty, and famine. I have also seen many positive signs even here in DR Congo. Civil society groups, local ngos helping rape victims, and very brave people speaking out against what has been happening here. I think there is hope, there has to be, it is up to us as journalists to highlight not just the negatives but the positives too.