Mark E. Dean

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led the team that developed the ISA bus, and he led the design team responsible for creating the first one-gigahertz computer processor chip. Dean has also helped in the early development of the computer keyboard

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From what I can tell, forever. I thought the keyboard would have been replaced by now. But no device has yet be created that has the necessary features.

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I believe we will produce a digital wallet -- a device that will replace everything you carry in your wallet (drivers license, credit cards, money, pictures, passports, medical records, bank cards, loyalty cards, etc.). It will also hold all your class work, emails, heath records and be your phone and real time language translator.

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I believe the exposure of the OS to the user has disappeared. The user is only exposed to an environment and set of applications which is often independent of the OS. I think we have reached a point were the specific OS is irrelevant.

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3 of the original 9 nine PC patents. Most are on graphics controller, device interfaces and the ISA Bus.

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display integrated into eye-glasses with a speech-recognition interface. Unfortunately there are still some issues with an active display positioned this close to your eyes. Speaker independent continuous speech recognition accuracy still needs to be improved.

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I would do everything exactly the same way. the mistakes I made created actions and opportunities that yielded other discoveries. If I don't make some mistakes I am not reaching far enough.

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As for programming languages, we are working on a new highly distributed and scalable programming language called X10.

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I can make a digital wallet only accessible to a single person and make it much safer than my present wallet. I can know exactly at what time the wallet has been lost or compromise and eliminate access to its contents before anything is lost or stolen.

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I started when we had Junior Engineers. Today we don't start people with degrees at this low of level. Everyone of my peers (technical executive leaders) started at the lower level and moved up. You typically need this experience to support sustained success in the company.

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computer science, analytics, bio-engineering, nano-engineering, energy, services science