Marius Stan

Senior Computational Energy Scientist, and plays "Bogdan" the car wash owner on "Breaking Bad."

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TheRealBogdan404 karma

Yes, he did a poor job washing my cars!

TheRealBogdan226 karma

"Eyebrows a lot"...well done. Thank you. I got into acting by chance.

TheRealBogdan217 karma

That was not in the initial script. We kind of improvised. Good thing they don't show all the takes they shot that day. :)

TheRealBogdan191 karma

Not that I'm aware of...Several barber shops have offered to trim them, and I always refuse.

TheRealBogdan190 karma

Not difficult at all. Walter White is easy to hate.

TheRealBogdan167 karma

Scientists and actors are both creative people driven by curiosity.

TheRealBogdan164 karma

Yes, I hope to get on the "Big Bang Theory." :)

TheRealBogdan127 karma

Not in Albuquerque anymore, because I sold that one, unfortunately...

TheRealBogdan127 karma're right.

TheRealBogdan122 karma

Five years at least, but I do think it's possible. Keep dreaming... :)