Maggie Bandur

is known for her experience in comedy writing.[6] After her first work with Malcolm in the Middle she has written series for Fox, ABC, CBS, the CW and BBC3. She currently works on NBC's Community.

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Moses Port and David Guarascio give us significantly less updates on their bodily functions. Dan was very open that way.

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Thank you.

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I read the internets. I just don't interact so much. It's more net, less inter.

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It's a passing fad.

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They all die at the end. Should I not say that?

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I hope I'm not stepping on his future development, but I think Dan always pictured them opening a detective agency. With Annie and her chloroform, of course.

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By the way, I don't really use the internet, so I'm sorry if I am doing this wrong.

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Abed and Troy had an inflatable couch filled with helium in their apartment -- you know, so it could float back up to the ceiling when not in use -- and the bit got cut. (They lost the ottoman, but then it flew back in the window at the end of the scene.) A chemist friend, Dr. Anthony Pease, had dreamed of such a couch, and I told him it was going to be in the episode, and he illegally downloaded it in England and everything, and there was no couch. But I named the creator of Inspector Spacetime after him. So, he can stop wingeing now!

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That would be awesome. That makes me want to root for that movie, which my fear of them casting Shia LeBoeuf had previously made impossible.

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