Lizzy Caplan

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best known for her roles as Janis Ian in Mean Girls (2004), Marlena Diamond in Cloverfield (2008), April in Hot Tub Time Machine (2010) and Gena in Bachelorette (2012)

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oh i remember you! you are a dynamite kisser, young man

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Martin and I have actually known each other since 2nd grade. For reals. He kissed my friend on the butt during story time. Also for reals.

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That's not what she said.

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Yes, Alison says she will be over in 20 with Rashida and Gillian.

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i was very young and stupid when I did that show. So i mostly sat quivering in the corner...too afraid to talk to anybody. I take zero credit for how awesome that show it...but i milk it for cred often and aggressively.

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i believe it's made of corn syrup. it has since become the cornerstone of every nutritious breakfast i've had.

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Sometimes that's all it takes.

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I find you to be a very attractive people. Draw a dick on your friend's face.

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Oh weird, that is a line from Mean Girls. And here I thought I had crazy lesbian game. It was more fun than a pillow fight.