Les Stroud

is a Canadian musician, filmmaker, and survival expert best known as the creator, writer, producer, director, cameraman and host of the television series Survivorman.

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I can only assume you mean in terms of Survival - and not film making or music? That being the case - lets establish one thing first - he acts - (they act) - I survive. As far as the survival instruction and gimmicks shown, i will speak only as a survival instructor and not the guy who first put survival on TV: many of the actual survival skills taught are bogus - It is NOT possible to squeeze drinkable water out of elephant dung - well it is when your cameraman has soaked it with bottled water. Others are pure tv stunt entertainment and do not relate to the real world of survival - so my 'professional' opinion of BG as you have directly asked is that he is a TV host - acting out scenarios based on what he and his producers dream up and glean from books and from the on-location consultants advice, they hired for an individual show. I would even go as far as to say that some of the skills if followed and attempted in a real survival situation could result in worsening the situation. (then again maybe the same could be said about whatever choices i make when i am out there) - but then that is the difference - i need to make choices on the spot to secure my survival - he (they) need to do the next scene for the location director and then spend all day filming a dangerous scene of clambering down a 15 foot waterfall when they could've walked around it in 10 minutes. I am glad he has at least brought attention to adventuring in nature to the young fans - and i am sure he is a great outdoor adventurer and he seems to be quite the athlete - but my professional opinion on the subject of survival is that he is not an instructor i would ever suggest to be followed when survival skills are the ones you want to learn.

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tv network contract negotiations

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that it is fun

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id like to set that up actually

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i would but i think he's worried about not being able to carry enough guinness and pot

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there isn't anything unmanly about me

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i take my son out on the next two shows in fact

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they haven't offered heh heh