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is an American engineer, former NASA astronaut, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and engineering consultant.

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The scene where Bullock lets go of Clooney's hand, and he flies away. They were both stopped! He would not have flown off!

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Yes, the Soyuz autopilot failed and tried to crash us into ISS! We took manual control and got the vehicle stopped 50 meters from the station....

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Let's see, most memorable moment was during a spacewalk. I was on my third shuttle mission and I was being moved by the robotic arm from one part of the space station to another, and for several moments I could only see the earth, I was facing straight down at the earth, and I felt like a satellite flying over. I was watching the continents and clouds roll by and it was just very surreal.

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I'm still waiting!

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Yes, indeed!

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American suit is more flexible, better visibility, but more complex logistically, and in getting prepared to go outside.

Russian suit is one size fits all, easy to prepare and go EVA, but more stiff and difficult to work in.

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Absolutely, yes! You sound like you're from my era!

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No, and if we had, I'm sure we would have forgotten them!

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You are very dizzy, because your brain has forgotten how to interpret the signals coming from your balance systems. It takes several days to a few weeks before it clears up!

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Thanks Everyone, I enjoyed it! Until next time, Ad Astra!

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