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About a year before it folded.

I remember trying to tell the TechTV executives that we should target the 14 million computer programmers in the US with really smart programming. They told me that sponsors hate a smart audience and there was no future in smart programming. That's when I started polishing up my resume.

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Seriously Google is changing the game. Just as they should.

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Jennifer and I are amicably divorced. We separated over a year ago. She is my ex-wife - but I still have a lot of stories about her. We have dinner at least weekly and talk more often than that.

Lisa and I have been in a relationship for almost that long. We fell in love while building TWiT and even though we fight like cats and dogs about business we purr like kittens when we're off duty.

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Wow. One at a time!!

  1. I am really excited about our new show Know How with Iyaz Akhtar (he did an IAmA recently in fact). It reminds me a bunch of The Screen Savers, which is a direction I'd like to head in with TWiT.

  2. I am blown away by Waze - this is what crowd sourcing could be. iOS and Android.

  3. TWiT has been profitable since day one. First with donations from listeners, more recently with advertising. We grossed $3.75 million last year, should break $4 million this year. Currently I'm putting most of that back into the network. (EDIT: I checked with Lisa today and it's more like $4.25 million last year. She's aiming at $6 mill this year. We grossed $447K this month, up 47% over last July, so maybe she'll do it!)

  4. Like any network we will cancel shows that don't interest the audience and replace them with shows that (we hope) do. I hate canceling shows (I am talent after all) but it's the only way we can be profitable. I don't want to do shows people don't want to watch.

  5. I am using a Macbook Retina right now. Love the Nexus 7 and Samsung Galaxy SIII. That's not my Swedish penis pump.

  6. See #5.

  7. I was mortified!

Thanks for the kind words.

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Oh, by the way, they were wrong. TWiT is smart, and more successful than TechTV ever was.

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Thank you so much for sharing your story with me. This, kids, is why we do it.

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Walter Cronkite. My last radio interview.

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I make around $350k on The Tech Guy. In the last contract negotiations we worked out a deal that allows us to sell adverts on the Tech Guy Podcast. That will at least double, if not triple that number. So I guess I'll keep doing the show!

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Mostly Nerf.

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The accents came first. Before radio, before TV, before puberty, even. In fact, I got into radio because I used to do the voices while serving dinner at the college dining hall (my job as a student). One annoyed student, clearly hoping to get a serving of mashed potatoes not overdone ham, suggested I "save it for the radio." A light bulb went on and I went to the campus radio station and auditioned. The rest is history.