Lauren Myracle

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is an American author of young adult books. She is the oldest of three sisters and has three older brothers.

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myraclegirl882 karma

At first I cried. And called my editor and apologized, because I felt so terrible about it. Now I take pride...but it requires a bit of emotional effort, because it still hurts to have people say, out loud and with venom, "Your books suck. YOU suck." You know?

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Lots of my books have teen girls in them. Teen girls sometimes talk about sex. Teen girls sometimes have sex. Lots of grown-ups would like to believe that this is not true. I am not one of those grown-ups, and I think it's important and meaningful to give readers stories that reflect reality--in a respectful way. Like, not salaciously, but with the intent of saying, "Let's look at how this story played out. How'd it seem to work out for so-and-so?" And then the readers--who are SMART, dammit--can grapple with those issues themselves. And no, I do not believe I should have been. I do not believe that any author should be banned, ever. Freedom of speech, dude. :)

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Thanks! You just made me smile. Did you like Big Bunny? Um, fave part of writing was NOT HAVING TO WRITE F*CKING SETTING. I hate setting. In other books that aren't purely written in text/IMs, my annoying (awesome) editor makes me include setting, and it is hard.

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YOU ROCK! Librarians rock, period, and as a fellow mom, I share your philosophy. Also, I tell stories, yes, and sometimes--though I never want to be didactic--those stories tell not only how characters do act but what the consequences from those actions can be...

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that's kinda what i'm thinking too...

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Aw, thanks! I'm working on the 4th in the series now. The girls are in college! EEEEEK! I'm wondering if Angela should join a sorority. What do you think?

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Omigosh, YES! Talk to the parents of your students (if you work at a school) or offer a presentation to parents at your local library (if that's where you work). Tell them that knowledge NEVER hurts. (Guns do! Rush Limbaugh does!) Help them understand that processing tough "content" through the privacy of reading a book is so much more healthy than never getting to talk about it/struggle with it/come to some conclusions about it at all.

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Agreed! I think adults who read young adult fiction often forget that these books aren't actually written FOR them, the adults. They're not meant to be etiquette lessons, or "this is how you SHOULD act" reference guides. They're meant to be good good stories that reflect a truth or truths.

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Is called YOLO! Comes out next fall!

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hahahahaha. Westminster alum, are you? In which case, you know full well what Wildcats can and cannot be! IS THIS CHARLES BEVINGTON???? Dude! Wildcats caught into all kinds of dirt at YOUR HOUSE!!!!