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Yes. :) I now am :)

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I have reconnected with the girls and I am SOOO happy for them. :)

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Ignore them the best you can, the less attention they get the better. They want you to react, thats what fuels them. They want to get on the news, they want people to get fired up and confront them... dont.

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As judgmental as they are about others, they have some ridiculous hypocrisies inside that they don't want anyone else to know about. Their tactics of keeping membership involve threats that God will kill them if they leave.

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It is not my place to judge others. I've openly apologized to those I've hurt. I judge people more for character, not who they are attracted to. I have some great gay friends and don't treat them any differently than the rest of my friends.

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Life outside WBC is absolutely amazing! I have so many freedoms that I can now fully enjoy and I'm especially happy to not carry hate, anger and judgment around with me. Some of those freedoms include: living on my own, traveling outside the country, having hobbies such as crossfit, snowboarding and dirtbiking, spending my own money, exploring my own ideas about God and reconnecting with family in Florida. I have tried to communicate with my parents several times after leaving but they continue to be avid supporters of the hate doctrine. I mention some of those conversations in my book :)

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Yea I would hope others would pick up on that, and they have. People are starting to question the church and leaving. Thank God I am still here :) I initially had fears that maybe they were right, but brainwashing isn't easily undone. There is a deprogramming process you have to go through and I am much better off now :)

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I hope it will further erode at the churches foundation and more members escape.

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What a lovely thing to say. I am so sorry for the pain that was caused. My condolences to you and yours. Every time I hear something like this and the overwhelming forgiveness people have in their hearts, I am filled with happiness and hope. I am hoping to set an example to others inside the WBC, that should they choose to leave, they will be met with love and forgiveness, something they are not familiar with. Thank you so much for sharing!

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I would say most definitely it is traveling! I was not allowed to even ponder the idea of leaving the country. They had a fear of being arrested and hated other countries also. I find other cultures fascinating :)