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It was a Sunday morning, and I was a young disc jockey in Miami Beach. Me and 3 friends of mine were going to drive up to Palm Beach, in 1958, we rolled up to Palm Beach in a convertible, I was driving, and it was a beautiful Sunday morning. And I was looking up, looking at all the beautiful homes, and suddenly I bumped into a car stopped at a red light. I was only going about 10 miles an hour. The guy in the car jumped out, walked over to me, and said "how could you hit me!? there's nobody on the road, it's a beautiful day, how could you hit me?!" and I said "I'm sorry, we were looking up, I apologize, do you want my license." And he said "no, I'm Senator Kennedy, I'm going to run for President in 2 years, and I want the 4 of you to raise your hands and swear you'll vote for me."

Which we did. So that's the story.

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Goats don't wear suspenders.

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First, I am also not a goat.

Second, I've had those, and you do what you gotta do. You stay professional, try to bring out answers. It's not brain surgery. The world will not change because you have a bad interview and you just move on.

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Not awkward! Like I said, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

The watergate burglar, G. Gordon Liddy. I was prepared to totally dislike him, but he was so whacko, and so engaging, that I wound up enjoying him. His utter honesty, his bizarre philosophy, brought a sense of joy to the airwaves. I like him and have kept in touch.

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I guess she wasn't the brightest bulb on the block. She must have been good looking.

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Fidel Castro. No one led a country for more years than him. Politics aside he has been one of the most fascinating world figures.

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Lack of a higher education beyond High School.

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Not hard at all. I was raised on professionalism. The people I admire the most in the business were the people who's opinions I did not know. Who had the ability to deliver material in an unbiased manner. I always left my ego at the door. My number one motto is and still is "I never learned anything when I was talking."

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I haven't had a lot of that, but probably Ms. USA Carrie Prejean. She said I was inappropriate and pulled off her microphone. I asked her why she agreed to settle her lawsuit and I guess she didn't like that. It still boggles my mind why she would consider such a basic question inappropriate. I still think it was relevant and a good question.